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Motion Activated Laugh Box Answered

I have been searching for a motion activated laugh box. I can find the standard push-the-button laugh boxes. My daughter had a doll with a motion, or it may have been an IR heat, activated talking box. I can find motion activated devices ranging from outside lites to life size mannequins for halloween. But, I have not been able to find a motion activated laugh box. Maybe, someone can post instructions on how to make one. I could build it. Thanks


The wire through a loop switch on a Blinkybug is a movement detector trigger switch. You should be able to make one out of a tictac container and 5 inches of guitar wire. It wouldn't trigger from waving your hand in front of it, but it would with any kind of movement of the box itself. Really two paperclips and a tictac container should work fine. It's just a trigger though.

if you get desperate, you might be able to gut a tickle me elmo and throw in a simple IR detector to function as a switch...

. Try this search for passive ir motion detector. It should give you some ideas. In a nutshell, replace the button on the laugh box with the motion sensor output.