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Musical Parrot Toy Answered

Serious request... my Parrot (African Grey) loves music. I would like to buy/build 'Parrot-proof' musical 'instrument/s' device/s that he can play, perhaps triggered by either percussive impulses from his beak and/or his vocal range. This would help him remain stimulated when I am out. All genuine replies welcome... :) The closest thing available is this, but it isn't very versatile (only pre set sounds) + not very musical  http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/bird-toys/jm-bird-babble-ball?pageSize=45&orderBy=1#


Look into Adafruit's audio fx board. You can load your own sound clips and can make any type of switch/housing to trigger the sounds. Good luck.

Thanks for taking an interest, would you please send me a link to the Adafruit's audio fx board...


The Learn link there takes you to the demo and tutorial for how to use it. You only need to get into arduino if you want to add advanced sensors like motion or distance detection otherwise a simple switch will do.

Hi there Since you're away and African Grey's love company.

I would suggest getting a toy from Toys r Us. Thinking in terms of a child's toy that you could set to play all the time, then shut it off when you get home.

Another if you have a pc download Frostwire, type in whatever music you think your Parrot would like. Use whichever media player you are comfortable with. Send your music dwnlds to whichever you use. Once you have your music in your player and set it to repeat. You can also first use your Cell, use your camera on video. Once you have made a video with yourself tlkg, then dwnld this on your pc. by transferring to your pc. You could have your voice and music running on your pc, then set it to run continuously. Hopefully you understand what lm telling you to do. This way your Parrot can learn words by your voice as well as words from the music. I am sure you could use an mp3 to do this as well. I hope this has been of help to you. If you are not sure of this don't hesitate to email me.

I like your efforts to your lovely bird but I don't think you can buy something like this. You need to build one. And closest thing come to my little head is a piano or keyboard or something similar. Your parrot can use it's hard lips (or mouth) to play it. But I don't know how you are going to build one.

I have 2 greys.>fool<. I had an idea for my greys to help them in balance and sorta acts like a tree branch. Great for when they want to dance. 1 PC stainless steel sheet metal 16 to 18 gauge. Cut about one inch wide. De-burr heavily. 2 holes needed at one end. Bend at that end about 4 inches. Use a manzanita perch at other end. Drill 2 small holes side by side to grip the wood. So wood is 90 degrees to the stainless. Love my greys. Bret

We have an African Grey. What would you use that he couldn't gnaw through it?