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My Didgeridoo Answered

As some of you may know, my first attempt at getting a didgeridoo failed...but not my second! Here are some pictures of my brand new didge...just got it in the mail yesterday!

It's an Indonesian imitation...$33 + shipping off amazon, but I figure it's great for my first one. Supposedly made out of bamboo...but i'm not so sure, especially because there are no nodes, and there's a bell at the bottom. It makes a great sound, and I love the (hand)painting, even if it's not done by an aborigine. I'm using a guitar stand to hold it, and plan on making a PVC case for it soon. (there will be an instructable)


This isn't an instructable.

You're right, it's a forum topic.

Instructables are found here:

While forum topics are found here:

PVC didgeridoos are quite common. Google it, you'll be able to find some really simple instructions.


10 years ago

Looks like a beauty! I want a sound clip of you playing it.

Are you making your own beeswax mouth piece?

Blargherghshghg! Just kidding.... yours looks nicer than mine; but mine's real!

My sister brought one home from her trip to Australia. I love it, plus it makes my dogs sing and go nuts. They make awesome noises.