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My Sword Answered

I made a knex sword. It is very sturdy and the instructions are on Knex Innovation. Here is the link.



thats cool i can make that except the handle XD

(removed by community request)

What the??!! I thought I'd be seeing a proper sword, or at least a Bokken sword, but whaddya know, THIS again!!

do we say no more (insert your instructable here) to you? do you need to look at these forums purely to critisize? just get lost okay?

I mean, it just sorta swamps the forums. And every time I check the recent Ibles page, there are at least two new ones. And it said "My Sword", it didn't say anything about K'nex.

It's fine, I'll just try to keep to myself when it comes to comments like that from now on.

Thank you for defending the knexers, but leave it, this is old, I don't want to start another arguement.

OMG...plz people. People are trying to show off their ideas, and all you people can do is say "OH LORD, PLZ STOP WITH THE KNEX." Learn to appreciate.


10 years ago

If you don't like k'nex then stop looking at things that are made out of k'nex. It was your choice to look at this so don't comment on it if you don't like it.

I from now on I will try TRY not to bug people how much I get sick of K'nex.

Dude, you put it up as 'My Sword' may nguyen was really excited about seeing a proper sword and you just crushed his dreams... Honestly I loathe the amount of Knex stuff but some of it's pretty ingenious, the time and effort being put in is a bit disturbing but it's clever, maybe you should shapern the edges and slice those that disobey your plasticky god...

looks Kinda flimsy... is it?

No, it's actually really sturdy. You can swing it very hard and it won't break.

Yes but I doubt you cam actually hit anything with it.

Actually I "cam" hit pretty much anything without it breaking.

I can hit anything with mine, but I can't stab anything, I like it though, thanks for posting!

Your welcome, I'm now working on an amusement park ride called Tidal Wave, you can find information about it here