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My one year anniversary on Instructables! Answered

Wow. One year. Doesn't seem so big, it's gone so fast! I want to thank everyone who has helped and guided me, been my friend, or even just friendly! In this time, I've posted 21 instructables. That's on average one every 17.39 days! Wow. I guess... I'm addicted to Instructables! Eric, thanks for making this great site! Viccie, Dj, DGM, IAC, Dsman, TD, EB, Jollex, BB, KBF, TBM, KSBF, aww hell, all K'NEXers, thanks for being awesome and constructive, and helping me get where I am today! Thanks to every single member of Instructables! And if you don't get why I'm thanking everybody, don't worry, I'll be sticking around for a long time! (Unless premium accounts mess up the site...). Thanks again! -TJ (\_/) (o.o) (> <) And his bunneh ;)


Congrats on your Ible birthday, gratz to the bunny too! What do you think was your best Ible so far?

I think the jamassault or my current v2s. So my latest 3.

Most of us think the jamassault was your worst ible, and your storm 223 is best (including me)

Happy belated I'bles B'day! HAZPIE BRAH!






at first i thought it was coffee. i was like, damn thats strong coffee.

I kinda forgot about mine.... lol

happy ible bday, mine is next month!

same here but its My 2nd year here

Finish the damned Jamalatar competition eh? L