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My pepsi can stove won't light... Possible solutions? Answered

I used a design with 24 holes-top burner and an inside wall with 3 notches for the denatured alcohol to drain in between walls i used several measures of lighting zippo, match, and a combo of zippo and alcohol all useless. I noticed a small crack on upper half I thought about using JB weld but I thought that I would first ask if I would have to remake the top PS I used Arizona cans PPS My tools are: Exacto knife, Dremel 100 series with starter attachments, scissors, templates from zen stoves,and stuff that is basically a given standard tools hammer, nails, screwdriver,etc.


You stove most likely cracked due to mixing the alcohol with the light fluid! I'd remake the stove, but go with a simplier design and you have to heat the stove up before it'll light. (the alcohol has to turn to a gas) there's some good hacks here the link
or try zenstove.net

could be anything from a bad batch of alcohol, holes too small, not enough of a preheat, poor o2 draw.   You could fool around with it and probably figure it out, but honestly it's just easier to drink a couple sodas and do it again.  good luck

I take you are referring to the Pepsi_G, open center, with holes on top,
Redo the stove, but note the following,
If the jet are to big, or to many, they wont light. if your inside wall does not seal properly the jets won't light, there's no pressure building, when redoing the can try find some fiberglass insulation, it will soak up the fuel into the walls, and feed it too the jets, and lastly on fuel buy only 90% denatured alcohol, never (if you value your life) use higher energy fuels in a can stove, as it will explode, even with a low pressure stove like the pepsi_g, For more info and help head over to http://bplite.dreamhosters.com/ this is stove mecca, if they can't answer it nobody can...

Did you prime the stove by preheating it? My stove is placed in a shortened can with a bigger diameter. I fill this with a little bit of DA and light it. this starts the process of vaporizing the fuel. If the stove doesn't light on its own after lighting the primer pot, light the stove with a lighter.


9 years ago

Combustion needs air. Does the stove have holes on the bottom to draw air in?

take the top off the stove and just light the strait fuel in the can. does it light?

First off, you'd be better off remaking the top... but yes JB weld should be an ok patch. Second off, there's no reason to mix lighter fluid and alcohol. That might be one of your problems. What's the strength of your alcohol anyway? It needs to be 90% or greater to be of any use.