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My sis is turning 40 in a few months. I really want to rub in this fun fact. Any suggestions beyond an ad in the paper? Answered



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When my dad turned 60, we found a passport photo from the seventies (wiiiide collars and a seriously excessive beard), scanned it at very high resolution, then used rasterbator to turn it into a 10-foot poster which we hung outside the front of the house, and A3 versions in every window.

In the UK, there is a growing tradition of using large sheets to make banners that say "XXX is forty today" and hanging them on the railings at the nearest busy intersection, or from a bridge the victim will drive under.

You're making me think of Father Ted...


make alot of flyers, and hang them around the city u live in, ask shops where she comes to hang them there, and any other place u can think of.

Thanks, I going to use this one.

np, tell me how it turned out ;)

runner up 4 best answer, thanks

Take her out to lunch and then go on a demo tour of an assisted living apt. complex of retirement home.

I really like this one-- very funny!

I don't know about 40, but I once saw an ad in the paper that read; "Ain't it nifty the Old Fart is fifty!" I know that one had to burn. Good luck with torturing your sister.


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a bunch of one word signs, lordy, lordy, XXXX, is , FORTY !, ! , !, !

There's a company in my town that will place pink flemingos all over the yard with a huge poster board sign saying happy b-day.  The fun part is they do it a like 4 in the morning so it's  there bright and early when you wake up.  Nothing like a yard full of pink flimingos to attract the attention of everyone that goes by. 

Maybe this will give you a few ideas. =)

Or a headstone candle and a _complete_ set  of birthday cake candles, which is what was done to me on my most recent decade. (The headstone candle reads "Over The Hill -- Too Old To Count" and I've saved it so I can return the favor at some point.)