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Need a good prank? Answered

It is the last year of middle school and i want ALL of the faculty to remember my class.  anyone have a good idea?



Spreada rumour that there will be a huge, massively disruptive, possibly illegal prank on the last day, and then, do nothing.

That's actually very good. You yourself don't actually do anything, but it's equally annoying to the teachers. Only a teacher could think of that :p

Get three animals of your choice and number them. Now the important part number the animals 1,2,and 4. And they will be looking for animal number 3 for a while only to find out there isn't one


5 years ago

Kiteman has your answer because I got a 100 things to tell you but EVERY ONE will fallow you to High School. Then your going to think you have a reputation to uphold and you may not stop. Not to mention, things could go wrong and lead to injury, property dammage, or the LAW.

Always a fun one to disassemble the principal's car and resassemble it in a tree or on the roof.

Better then slaughtering a bovine in the  principal's office.

by todays beef prices that would be pretty expensive.

.....and not very kosher :)

Better still than slaughtering a bovine in the principal's car.

someone drew a giant penis on the school oval with weed killer, its now visible from space.... well google earth. you can see it in this post in the comments just scroll down giantpenisprank

Spread hay all over the main hallway and set loose some chickens and whatever farm animal you can get your hands on.

Fill the soap dispensers with syrup or sap or devise your own sticky concoction


Get everyone to dress up really nice, suits/ties/tux/top hats fancy dresses etc and give all the faculty flowers and say thank you in some unique way like a song/dance or a massive popup card. It's not technically a prank, but it would be memorable.

Buy a junk car, cut a slot in the side and then weld it back together around the flagpole. Put the keys on the principals desk.

If you can, unbolt the flag pole, and rebolt it through the car from below -- no cut marks (except the top and bottom hole in the car)

Hack into the computers and change everyone's grade to an A+ in each class. :)

Unroll the last foot of toilet paper on each roll in all the toilets, sprinkle with itching powder, reroll.