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Need help building an electrical apron to cover a garden and detract deer from an early breakfast,late dinner)? Answered

The idea is to cover the garden with a fine mesh wire that is powered from garden lights with a low charge strong enough to deter deer;  which is not easily grounded, and which will not electrocute the neighbor's children and small pets. These mesh blankets would be able to be hooked in series from one to another to allow the protective process to "jump" from one small garden on the property to the next.


If it's legal, and I don't know why it wouldn't be since you have a right to protect your property, you will have to use something on the lines of a fence charger.  Like ranchers use to keep cattle in.  It puts out several hundred volts but very low amps so it's safe.  But it packs quite a punch.

Before you buy or build anything, research whether or not it even works on deer.  It didn't work on my goats unless they actually chewed on the wire.  I don't know if some animals are immune to the shock but it worked on horses, cows, dogs, cats and ME!

It's a different approach, but this looks much simpler, cheaper, and easier to maintain.

.  I'd try driving plastic stakes into the ground and then placing some chicken wire over the top of it.
.  Deer are pretty skittish, so it shouldn't take much of a jolt to startle them. The main factor will be how conductive your ground is. If it's moist, mineral-rich soil, 15-20 VAC would probably do it. In dry sand, it might require much more. Not safe to go much over 25 VAC, especially since a GFCI will not be feasible in this situation.

Ask your Local Authority Having Jurisdiction about what would be legal. Be sure you understand the implications w/r/t Attractive Nuisance laws.

I doubt the garden lights will provide enough juice, unless they're running off a 110VAC circuit.

My dad once deterred the neighborhood dogs from getting into our trash cans using an electric fence transformer wired to the can and a conductive mesh on the ground near the can. When a dog came by to pee on the cans, high comedy ensued.

This was 40 years ago. It's probably illegal now.