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Need help planning build for my self designed armor. Answered

The first picture is of my costume that i call BURN OUT, it has stilts to make me at least as tall as a few people. Then the next picture is of a costume i designed for a friend. It is called ONYX STORM. I need to know how to see out of burnout's helmet. and i need to know where to start on ONYX STORM. so heres a wrap up of the two;

     BURN OUT: burnout is a genetic experiment issued by the military. he is a heat producing bio-form that was issued a suit of armor both to protect him from the heat his body produced, and to institute a sedative that has kept his emotions under control and kept him alive for hundreds of years. then they trained him to fight and adapted his suit for battle. but after accidentally destroying the base he was housed in, he started to run out of the sedative and nearly died until he ran into ONYX STORM.
      ONYX STORM: onyx was a five years old when he was taken into the military. he was told his parents were killed during one of his outbreaks. they were supposably killed during the northeast blackout, which he caused. he is a bio-form that produces so much bio-electricity that was powerful enough to power many testlaunches and research for the military.  then he was issued an aging drug to make his body age much faster, then put him on a sedative similar to burn out's. he was put through military training and finally found out what had really happened to his parents, who where killed by the station he was in. in a blind rage he destroyed the base he was in and built a hidout outside of detroit. where he found burnout.

that's it, the back story for both characters. as you can see not much is known about burn out.so any ideas on how to see out of the helmets, how to get the various pieces and where to get them cheep?



8 years ago

do have any ideas where i could get gloves and boots for the second picture
on his arms are gloves that come up to fust below the elbow
and boots that come up just below the knee


8 years ago

For the armor bits, you might look into craft foam, styrene or Sintra. Check here for some ideas:

The mirrored dome is going to be more problematic. Check into motorcycle helmet face shields, possibly. Around Easter you can sometimes find giant clear plastic easter egg-shaped packages that might get close to the shape you want, but this time of year they'd be very difficult to find. Perhaps you might get lucky with clamshell packaging for a bike or skateboard helmet?
If you find a clear dome you like, you could apply mirrored window-tint film to it, but matching the curves cleanly could be a real pain. You might be better off altering the design to fit the materials you can get.


Answer 8 years ago

actually the shape of the mirrored helmet would first be made of clay over a styrofoam head then i would make a mold and then vacuform the model after coming out of the mold. Now about that window tint film...WHERE DO I GET IT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!