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Need help with wiring a KJD17 switch for homemade stick welder! Answered

Hello everybody!

So, I finally got around and made a stick welder, and it wa surprisingly easy! Now it's just up to make the box it will live in, cooling and on-off-switches and the like. I have a KJD17-switch which I'd really would like to use, it has automatic safety protection against power outages and restarts, which sounds nice enough, considering that this again is an electric appliane that I made myself, meaning more protection is always good! Now the problem is the safety protection, as I do not know how to wire it! Where am I supposed to connect the A1-pin? To pin 14, maybe? I'm afraid I'll destroy this nice switch by connecting it wrong, so if anyone has a clue, please let me know. The datasheet for the switch can be found here. On the datasheet there is the same shematics as on my switch.

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Thanks for the reply!
I did actually find out how to wire it. I figured it out with the schematic that is printed on the switch (or maybe the schematic on the pdf on the web?) and then just tried. It works nicely now on my welder, but the welder doesn't work, as the voltage is too low (I think). So I'll rewind the transformers some day if I get some better wire from somewhere. Which is unlikely, as it was hard enough to scavenge copper for the transformers for the first time :(. Maybe I'll invest in some transformer wire or whatever it is called.

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Not sure if you got an answer - in any case, I called the company and got the info from a schematic they sent me. You need to connect pin A1 to pin 24 for the KJD17-22213 version. You can do this thru a NO switch for safety or simply connect it with a short wire. The KJD17-21213 version does this internally.

Good Luck!