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Needed for a project : PvC pipe, leds any colo..... Answered

Needed for a project :a motor, PVC pipe, l.e.d's any colour and a toy's helicopter propeller.
do I need resistors ????


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Yes - it's usual to add a 1k resistor in series with the LEDs.

Since I know where you live, I'd say go to B&Q for the pipe, and get to the pound shop for cheap toys to get hold of the motor + propeller, and a string of cheap Christmas lights to get the LEDs.

thank you for commenting and helping me out kiteman ,where would I get a red and black wire to connect to batteries to give the power

1. They don't have to be red and black - wire colours are just to make life easier tracing circuits by eye.

2. The Christmas lights will mostly be made of wire you can recycle, and a cheap battery toy will have wire in it as well.

3. Last time I was in that pound shop, they sold coils of wire upstairs.

that's great thank you kiteman that was useful