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Nerf Mod Ideas Answered

Can anyone leave me a mod for the tech target, maverick, or firefly except the cpvc mod? Also for darts? I also wanted to ask how to get camera pics onto library. Otherwise, I can't tell the nerf maverick mod no one knows about! I just need that help, and some nerf mods and links. Thank you.


could you try to make a full machine nerf gun but FROM SCRATCH? that would be cool

My friend had a busted maverick which I first fixed than modded. It turned out the part that broke was the plastic piece that pulled the pump back, so I just replaced that with a long nail and cut the pointy part of the nail off. The first mod I made to make it fire further was I took the revolving barrel thing out. Then I opened it up and took the black things with three pegs sticking up and the springs on them out. I also cut the orange pegs down to a stump and put them back in and reassembled the barrel. For the second mod I took 2 regular rubber bands and attached one near the front of the spring that pushes the pump and one near the back. Next I put the spring with the rubber bands on it back. Now holding the spring down attach the other end of the rubber bands to the farthest peg (the thing the screw goes in when reassembling the frame. Still holding the spring down start laying the frame down when the only thing keeping the last of the frame going down is your fingers quickly slip your fingers out of the way (and off the spring) and put the frame in place. lastly screw all the screws back in and put the cocking thing back. I will try to make an Instructable on this sometime

I havent seen an instructable for a removeable barrle on the maverick. Should i make one??

ive tried that and it made the darts just plop out, so i didnt make an instructable for that

huh, well thats cool. does it still launch the dart far?

yea, i see no difference with the range, when its modded and not modded

i figured out how to make darts !real! fast. after you make the blanks with no weight, just take some 15 gadge steel chain-mail links, and clamp them onto the blanks using pliers to weight them no glue mess or ruiend blanks

never mind about the camera.