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New Instructables Community Section Answered

Last night we released a re-worked version of the forums as part of our new Community section. We quickly built the previous version of the forums more than a year ago to give people a place to discuss and share things that weren't quite full Instructables. The forums quickly grew way beyond what we had originally designed them to do, and last night we finally got a chance to improve them.

The forums are now organized into categories, with a Market Place section and a Help section, and addition to the general forum. There's even a special forum category exclusively for K'Nex. If like the old forum sorting, that's still available by clicking view all on any of the three sections. Also, you can now preview your forum topic before you post it, or leave it unpublished but saved in case you have something more to add.

Tell us what you like, and help us find and squash any bugs!


i'm looking for wood plans for making those Chinese boxes.the type that has the hidden or secret way to open the box.does anyone know where i can find any plans.hopefully free

thank you for the link,lots of nice plans there including the puzzle box

has anyone tryed to make noonshine vodka yet? how easy was it?

What do you mean by noonshine? I've made potato vodka. With patience and a hydrometer anything can be done.


10 years ago

Always. Then again, I hardly ever browse the front page either - I just go Explore->Recent...

yep me too it's Explore->Recent all the way for chalky:)

I use the Greasemonkey script that makes every Instructable "View All" automatically.

Yeah i ussually use the show all button when i'm looking at Instructables


10 years ago

found your site surfing (i mean the web!), it's more "make" than MAKE. Love/Like it!. Reine.

A "Tech" section should exist on this if it doesn't already....I am only stating this from the view of the screenshot, so if not already there, let's add it?

Um......there is. Just click on the community tab up there next to the hand logo.


10 years ago

I have just found this site this morning,and I haven't been able to stay off of it all day. It's great and I love the categories you offer


10 years ago

A great site, lets keep it that way, I just love all the inventions here.

this will definetely be easier for those of us *cough*me*cough* who'd rather see what there is in different places than have to do a "variety" search so, yes, i like this

This is seriously awesome. And cool, I'm in that image! :P

Yeah, I see my little "Snuggles" guinea pig Avatar there too :-)

No, more like a youngster. Learning and growing....all forums are like that...and they either grow into adulthood or become neurotic and collapse. This has a great chance to become great, and to really make a difference.

Well, even the dysfunctional ones can become productive or choose not to move in that direction. :-)

Then there are those dysfuntional ones that feel production and reproduction is their sole purpose in life (in keeping with the people analogy...)

I know, I just felt that that analogy should be added aswell, for the like of the list...

Oh, okay. Well, I deleted it, just throwing caution to the wind.

Well yeah, suppose it was the smart thing because you didn't know what the craic was...

Um, yeah that was 9 pm CA time, on my end of the USA it was already midnight.. .

I am using both old and new about equally. If I want to scan down all the recent posts, I use the View All button.

I really like the new layout idea. More areas may be needed, though. Things such as "Outdoors", or other groups that could hold many orphaned topics. I also would like to see some sub-organization or something that would make using the entire site easier for regular users. Over-all, I'm thinkin' this just might work.

It was a shock at first, but it's growing on me quickly.

I hope I'll be able to say the same; I just got back from Florida to find this!


10 years ago

Shall I add a list of feature requests here?

  • 1 I'd like to have a way of seeing the categories in "recent" order.
  • 2 I want a way to divide the categories into groups. One of the choices for a group should be "all the categories that aren't in some other group." Individual groups should still have an "all" capability and "recent" sorting.

I love this! Sometimes it got old looking at the same forum topics, but now I can increase the amount of time on instructables by another hour or so! Thanks, and great job!

I posted something in Marketplace! :D


10 years ago

It'll take some getting use to, but I never thought the old "all-in-one" format was effective. A bit too much off-topic noise (maybe that helped to foster the community, maybe not....) And thanks for giving the Knex crowd their own section.... Incidentally, the shift-reload trick must be done more than once. It fixed my earlier image issue, but couldn't post here until I shift-reloaded again.... I'm sure this will all settle down quickly enough.

Is there a way to undo the "View All" If I wanted to?

Nevermind, I don't think it stays that way.