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New K'nex site! Answered

Here is the new knex site i created.
I don't care if it utterly fails.
Just created it bout' a hour ago, so don't expect anything. I want to get a few members first.



8 years ago


Do you guys want K'nexables back? There isn't anything really stopping me. Of course I have to remove DGM and DJ's immaturity but otherwise it would easily be up and running again.

Well technically it's still in perfect working order so the only thing truly stopping it from being used is the lack of activity from members. Gather some friends and go to it if you want. I'm not going to bother advertising for it though. I don't think I'll work on it anymore but I may test some things on it.

I won't go there permenantly, I'll stay here as well. But yes, I''ll go back to it.

Then their would be just competition. Besides, you can't revive a dead site very well. And, if this doesn't fail, there won't be any need. But go ahead if you want to.

lol no offense but your site isn't that much. It's made with a website building host... There isn't much content to it. Have you seen K'nexables? It's a little more developed. And whats the difference between reviving a dead site and starting a new one? The dead site still has some left over content on it. Well I don't know. I should just hand someone K'nexables and see if they want to take it somewhere.

If you do bring back Knexibles, I would be willing to work on it. I don't have time to manage a website all by myself full time, but I could at least work on improving it, and help out with what ever I could.

And what exactly do you mean by 'and KI...'.

I'm sure you meant 'and KI is too good for me to post there'.  ;)

KI is full of "I'm better than you" people.

The problem there is that you haven't exactly done anything to prove them wrong, have you?

so your "little" website is not?

Because there is barly anyone!

So is ibles.  I am better than you.

KI => KnexInnovation, a website/forum bout k'nex
KF => KnexForum, forum about knex too (and I'm there :)  )

Your little website is not going to get anywhere.
1) not a proper domain
2)You are the administrator, you are in control and i don't like that.
3) it is simple website building, pathetic if you ask me!

If you really need a new site we have to have a reason for it, instructables is fine for me.

1. He's 11, what the hell do you expect from a kid?  He probably doesn't have the cash for a ".com" domain thingy.
2. Why is that a problem for you?
3.  Same as 1.

1.Who the hell cares?
3.See 1.

1. I and many others do!
2 heat-seeker win!
3.you are not making anything original just throwing some templates to together!

1.Name 10
3.Who cares? (Name 10)

I care. He just commented giving is opinion. Expect flak for giving the whole "who cares?" argument that I despise ever so much.

KI is totally full of mean people and you get banned for having an ibles account! You can't even spam a "forum" with off-topic conversation! KI is butts!

I can recognize sarcasm, you know.

Your perception of sarcasm is severely misconstrued.

that's looks very nice! I even like the layout better than instructables! But who made this?

He is a noob at HTML so he used a free website builder!

It's a host that gives you website building tools. He just had to pick out what he wanted to add and the rest is cake.

Mind if I post the link to K'nexables then? I'll delete it if you're not.
Here's K'nexables if anyone wants to check it out. As you can see it's a little old but still in perfect working order. I made it to give people an option if they didn't want to go to KI when I was trying to get people to not rely on ibles so much. You'll be able to find some of my later work from the end of my "newb" months. For example, the first shown oodammo pistol (shown as in picture on the internet though I don't know if it was the first built) I was planning on adding features but I quit with it before I did anything major. It was ran with the help of my friend, dualdier who wasn't a K'nex but still an avid website designer.
Feel free to join and use it. It'll take awhile for it to become active again so you'll need to be dedicated if you want to revive it. I'll check in if any problems arise.


8 years ago

Lol freewebs.

I'm not interested in guns.
Nice layout though, but the site is reay empty (as far as I can see).

I'll stick with KF :)

I joined. One problem, when you try to upload your pics, you can't change the order of them! Help please!

Sorry, I'm not the owner of webs.


With bitz, you're supposed to take comments like this seriously.  He seriously likes your site.


8 years ago


i joined
and i like it
my newest instructable will be posted there
thanks and maby i will they there if anything goes right

Hey I joined.. Looks like it could be a good site.