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New Speed Contest: Toss It! Answered

Show us the best paper airplane you have!

Toss It! Speed Contest


I've always been awful at paper airplanes, but I think I might try my hand at this.


10 years ago

Ah. How fortuitous. One of the unfinished (ok, not even started) instructables I have in my "unpublished" set (as reminders) will fit right in. I might even enter this one!

Thankfully this is not about projectile hurling ( i.e. tossing cookies quickly) LOL

Yes, we had some other names that didn't make the cut. Chuck It! Hurl It!

...to the moon, and let me play among the stars...Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars...

Oh, whoops, this isn't the Sinatra Remembrance Forum! Sorry about that!

First thing that popped into my head when I read that...I had to say it.

That was the second.....somewhere I remember seeing a stewardess say that one a show or movie or something. *shrug* or my senility is kicking in again LOL

Fly You. No, that's not supposed to be funny, because it makes no sense. Do you think Fly It! was one of them? Or "Throw Your Paper Airplanes Into The Air And Win An Instructables Robot T-Shirt And Much More Prizes!" ?

Sorry, the reference might be a bit dated :-) Alex, would that be: "what would a stewardess say?"

No goodhart her exact words were 'lower the landing gear captain, I'm busy'

Hmm, so it has to fly well, not just look good, hmm...I might need to work on that...

Is a paper helicopter eligible?

AAAAAHHHH! Not airplanes! Anything but airplanes!


10 years ago

I definitely have a favorite, but I think I've seen one nearly, if not completely, alike here.

Is it OK to post?

AWESOME contest. Definitely going to post many Instructables. Can't wait to see the awesome entries by others!