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New blog. Answered

Thanks to a stupid prank Berkin pulled on me a few days ago, my old blog is gone.  Luckily, I saved a backup copy of my old blog, and made a new one here: insertrandomandwittytitlehere.blogspot.com/


 who iz berkin? i wants to show him my finger next to my broken one lol :)

He's the same guy who sent me a bunch of free knex, don't bother.

 he gave u free knex? wowz :) how much?

Enough to build lots.  I'll video my knex inventory when I take everything apart.

He didn't actually break it, he used a firefox addon to change the words on his end, then he showed it to me.

And he can't do the same to this one?


He can't hack it.  He used a firefox extention called "Foxreplace" to replace all the text in my blog, but it doesnt affect the blog itself.

That doesn't even begin to explain why you lost your blog.

He used the firefox extension to make my blog look like it was hacked, even though it really wasn't.  I then decided to take it down and make a new one because I was convinced.  Afterward he told me I was pranked.

So, in summary, he made changes on his end to your blog, convinced you he'd hacked it, and that was why you "whacked" your blog.  Now that you understand that he can't do what he says he could, you won't be fooled again; correct? 
Just clarifying for the befuddled and the elderly here ;-) 

"fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."


Wow!  So opinionated and vulgar!  You'll grow up to be a great politician someday.  heheheh.