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New profile layouts -- good things and bad things Answered

So Rachel deployed the server updates this morning. There are a lot of nice features, but at least one bug(?) and a couple of things I wish were different...

  • Like the bigger patches :-)
  • Like the icon format for my I'bles, favorites, and groups (on the /member/... version)
  • Like the no-longer-present "(0)" in the INBOX link at the top of my page
  • Don't like the no-longer-present "(1)" "(2)" etc. in the INBOX link at the top of the page
  • Possible bug: Why are there "short lines" in the icon layout of my I'bles?
  • Why don't the icons have the "featured" or "winner" banners?
  • Would like the icon format on the /you/ page as well
  • Would like the "icon vs. long-line" toggle buttons for both view

Overall, the changes are light and subtle, but give things a look more consistent with the rest of the site.


For me, the "(0)" and "(1)" and "(2)" etc. etc. are still visible next to my INBOX link at the top of the page.

Did you notice that this topic is more than a year old?  The comment about the Inbox reporting was a change that was made in January 2009, and undone a week or so later.

No worries.  Did you find this using the crappy new Google-based search? 

You might not know that in the INFO box off to the right, with the rating stars and author information, there's a "published" date so you can see just how old a topic is.  Looking at the date stamps on the first couple of comments (they're sorted newest to oldest) can also help you avoid bumping some ancient topic.

Aye, I had a message from Monk I didn't see for a week.... She thought I was ignoring her haha....

The patches are back to their original size and are now gifs instead of jpegs so they look better.

In fact, they were always gifs, but were reprocessed as jpegs. That was fixed. gifs are essential for icons.

oww that reprocessing is bad why is every pic reprocessed and not left as is ?

I don't like the huge patches, tbh, and I wish I still had the (0).

Noticed that the icon layout of member's I'bles is now consistent -- 4 across by 2 down, with the same "sort by" options as on the main page. Very nice. And the icons now have the "featured" etc. banners.