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New software traces 3D models from video footage (yow!) Answered

VideoTrace is a pretty sick new bit of software in the prototype phase that's being developed by folks in Australia. By placing and fine-tuning points on video footage, the software can create a 3D model with textures. Now that I know about it I wish they would hurry up and release it.

In their words:

VideoTrace is a system for interactively generating realistic 3D models of objects from video models that might be inserted into a video game, a simulation environment, or another video sequence. The user interacts with VideoTrace by tracing the shape of the object to be modelled over one or more frames of the video. By interpreting the sketch drawn by the user in light of 3D information obtained from computer vision techniques, a small number of simple 2D interactions can be used to generate a realistic 3D model. Each of the sketching operations in VideoTrace provides an intuitive and powerful means of modelling shape from video, and executes quickly enough to be used interactively. Immediate feedback allows the user to model rapidly those parts of the scene which are of interest and to the level of detail required. The combination of automated and manual reconstruction allows VideoTrace to model parts of the scene not visible, and to succeed in cases where purely automated approaches would fail.

Check out the video atVideoTrace's site. It has one of the coolest uses of copy-and-paste ever.

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You know, I was looking at that again, and I'm more impressed with this as a means of motion tracking and compositing. I think it would speed up some of my workflow!

It's no typo. I grew up in California, what can I say?

I'm very sick at the moment so I should know sick when I see it and this is SICK! OK that was REALLY bad on my part, I apologize, but the technology is cool all the same...+1

Wow, that's impressive stuff.

That is very cool. I want it. Wonder how much it will cost though... And when they just copied the suv, i was like "whoa thats crazy" and then the ball smashed them both...

I wanna download it !!

Cool. Good idea. There was a tool I read about strictly to autogenerate meshes for cars (for use in commercials) that was also pretty impressive. Can't remember the name (of course).

If you want to go all the way, you can get the ZScanner from ZCorp. It's a handheld device that you can scan 3D objects with.


There are some MIT kids that made a 3D scanner, which I've been mulling over building, which uses a small projector and a webcam. It's pretty spiffy! But you can't do large vehicles with either method easily. Yeah, whenever I get my electronics hacking skills up to speed, I'll be making all sorts of stuff. . . .