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No idea how to make this LED Windmill Answered

OK, I have an idea that sounds kind cool but no working knowledge of electronics. How difficult would it be to make a bank of wind powered LEDS? A circut that progressively lights up more leds as the wind kicks up to a higher speed?


What would be cool is to place the LEDs along the blades of the windmill so the pattern changes as the wind increases and decreases.


10 years ago

I can't draw this now but maybe later... simple! In series with one LED put a diode and resistor The next led has 2 diodes and a resistor The next one has 3 diodes and a resistor and so on. Make sure LED and diodes are right polarity. (Each diode drops around half a volt from the LED) For a 6 volt motor (generator) maybe use 47 or 470 ohm resistors. Belt or gear the motor to the windmill if necessary, wind has plenty of power for this! A very simple LED bar graph volt meter, no chips. (Also see my iBle "magnet powered light" for different generator option)

. Should be pretty easy. Someone (probably more than one) makes a chip to drive LED VU meters. I _think_ you will want one with a linear curve, but not sure. Get one and tap the V output of the mill (have to use a dropping resistor if you want to use current as the variable) as the signal for the chip - may need to adjust the voltage (divider) before sending it to the chip. I made a VU meter many years ago - it was easy, but I don't remember the details.