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Now that's what life is for... Answered

Fishing that is. I got to spend 6 hours today on the Mosquito Lagoon with a professional fishing guide. This was my first time with a pro and it was insanely fun. This guy knew more about fishing than I could even imagine existed. The fishing was a little slow, and the guide cussed a blue streak when we got to his best spot and found a kayaker wading around aimlessly spooking the fish. But I still had a great time and landed the three biggest fish of the day a 14 lb Red and two sea trout 6 & 4 lbs. Numerous smallertrout were caught and released.


Sorry, I've never seen the attraction in fishing, especially the chaps who spend all night sat under an umbrella with a stationary rod.

If I'm out on a survey, I pass a popular local angling location, and the regulars are bust stacking their gear in their cars to go home at seven in the morning!

Quite alright, I'd rather be nibbled to death by crabs than go bird watching, to each their own.

Ah, now crabbing is an altogether different proposition.

A contest of wills and skill, pitting man and bacon against hungry crustaceans...

Next time I go, I'll take photos, maybe even write an ible.

Oh, and I need to take photos for my seawatching project. And my next two card projects...

You need to look into hogging, noodling, or grabbeling. You wade in chest deep, stick your hand in a hole or stump, and feel for catfish. If your lucky one will bite down on your hand. Then wrestle it up and throw it in the boat. BTW- I had an uncle who almost droned this way.

When we went to Florida, far too long ago, we met a chap who ran an alligator "zoo" (= big holes full of alligators, with a gift shop).

He claimed that his father took him alligator hunting. As bait.

The story was that they would boat out to a likely place, his father would throw him in the water and shoot anything that swam close.

We were dubious, until we found out that every other member of staff, including the bus driver that took us there on the way back from another trip, was his cousin.

That's always been a joke in our family. But I'm quite sure the child as "gator-bait" has been a reality more than a few times. The gators are few and far between in our area these days, but the bears aren't. When Skunkbait Jr. was little (3 or 4), I convinced him that I was going to fill his pockets with balogna and send him out 100 yards ahead of the rest of us to draw a big bruin in.

Haha, I saw a book yesterday entitled "Fun Lies to Tell Small Children".

I also had the kids convinced (albeit breifly) that one was born a conehead, and the other was born with a tail! The worst was when I convinced one that we thought he was a girl when he was born, we had named him Elizabeth, and made him wear dresses, "until the doctor discoverd he was actually a boy"! That one started a minor physical altercation in the Skunkhome.

>read the entire comment chain without being capable of containing his laughter

My goodness, I just realized it's been 5 months since my last instructable. For shame.

man...it's ridiculously refreshing to see someone talking about actual fish (salt water fish).... i was born in SOUTHERN Louisiana (read as: as far south as you can get in LA) and i'd spend the summers with my grand parents. we'd fish all morning and work in the shop the rest of the day. We would usually catch mostly reds and speckled trout (which is what we call that thing you're holding in the second picture). When i was about 10 or 11 i caught the biggest fish i'd ever seen at the time, a 22 lb red...it was about 4 inches shorter than i was at the time (somewhere close to 4')...it took about 2 hours for me to actually reel it in now i live in TN...and all i hear about is how some guy caught a 5 lb bass...big deal

You know you've had a good fishing when "the one(s) that got away" happen to be smaller than the ones you keep! I've actually been wondering... Does trout make for good sashimi?

THat's awesome. I haven't done any saltwater fishing in years.


9 years ago

Sweet catch you going to fry them and eat them.

We let the redfish go, it was oversize, we split the trout and got about 5 Lbs each. I fried some of the trout when I got home and it was excellent, the rest is in the freezer for now.

Nice fish :-) I love fish, tasty little buggers.