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OS Opinions? Answered


What is the EASIEST distro to learn Linux with?

Also, where can I find some Linux tutorials?I'm looking for tutorials written in layman's terms, not a bunch of command line junk ;]



Yeah, I know... we have too many computers...

So basically, I rounded up all our old PCs to see what's worth keeping. So far, I've completely restored 2 of them back to day one. One of them was already running XP, the other was running 98, so I installed XP on it. The one that came with XP I decided to "Vista-ize" using CharredPC's WinXP Overhaul Guide. Check out my pics, and then make sure you check out his I'ble, I definately reccomend it.

Anyway, down to business. Okay, so 1 machine is running XP in the guise of Vista. I like it so far. But what about the other four? Well, let's not get too carried away. I know that at least one other works, so let's get started with that...

I want to make the other working PC to run some sort of Linux. Probably Ubuntu, based on research thus far. But, what better way to get feedback then from the Instructables community?

So what do you guys think? Which version of Linux do you like best? Which ones can I make look like Vista, XP, or Mac OS X?

As for the other three PCs... one of them I want to gut and salvage parts to make a NES PC for my brother (okay, I might use it too...) I'll probably get a version of Linux for that, too; maybe DSL.



10 years ago

You want an opinion what linux-distribution to choose?

The only advice i can give to you is, try them out and find the distro that fits your needs. If no distro fits your needs, choose the one that is closest to your needs and no, not one distro will fit all your needs in default, you must always tweak them (sometimes more, sometimes less).

1. Try the common:

2. Try the not so common:

I tried all the distros mentioned above, in default i find Zenwalk very coherent, but for me, the software-repository is to small, so i went to his "father" Slackware. That is the Linux what i am actually using. If you want to try them out, use one of his derivates, Slax.

A good starting point for investigations for a specific distro

GNU/Linux distro timeline

Thanks! It's been a while since I posted this topic; I'm actually using Fedora 9 right now, and I love it!

For old computers, Xubuntu is pretty good. If they're not too-too old, you could try installing Fedora9 to their HDD. If they can boot from USB, buy a 512 and put slax on it following littlechef's instructable and just leave the USB drive in it.

Linux, because the penguin is so cute.

so what. its cute, and suse is one of the easiest to use

remeber how i said i was modding my computer? check out the side panel. all thats left is plexiglass and leds. and the whole thing was done without an airbrush

instructable case modd.jpg

Cool! It'll look real sweet when you get some LEDs up on it =]

Definitely. A slideshow, at the absolute least. But a full-blown ible would be awesome.

BTW, did you use a Sawzalll to cut that, or what?

nope. i used a dremel to cut the logo, and painted the case without an airbrush or the tape line things

the easiest has to be suse. aside from the fact that you cannot see dvd movies and installing flash pluggins (there is no shockwave for linux, only flash, which needs command line to install), its almost exactly like windows. you can easily wing it.

All I want to be able to do is play music from CD's, USB drives, and MP3 players via Songbird; browse the internet; and run Microsoft Streets & Trips Maps/GPS software or similar. Could that be accomplished?

i think so. music-yes, but the player is called helix banshee or somthing similar internet- sure, and virus free not sure about the microsoft stuff, since linux isnt windows.

not sure about the microsoft stuff, since linux isnt windows.

Right, but with WINE or a similar program I could do it, right?

assuming you dont have to download something, it should work.

pleading bump

By the looks of it, you'll have to take into account the age of the PC. The mini towers look like HP Pavillion 6630's (or similar), and they're pretty outdated now...

Yeah, but I have one in my room and it struggles to run Win98, overclocking it won't make it great by any stretch. Enough for a NES pc though.

exactly. remouve the dust from in it, maybe add a fan or bigger heat-sink and it could easily be overclocked to nes levels.

overclocking is the processe of forcing the cpu to run faster than it does stock.

and how would one go about "overclocking" their PC?

You can also overclock by adding a very powerful cooling system. I've seen on the internet a CPU with ~2gHz that was overclocked to 5gHz in a lab using a liquid nitrogen cooling system. It was INSANE!

thats lame. liquide nitrogene is used only for bragging rights. you need to constantly top off the system, being careful of the fluid, deal with a lot of frosty condensation, and you need to buy a dewer to transport the liquide nitrogen (several hundred $$$) and adding a cooling system does not actually overclock a computer.

the first part or the second part?

ALL PARTS Also, I didn't say the liquid nitrogen system was mine, I only stated that I've seen it in a lab.

step 1) dust inside, and if you have com pressed air, dust psu (do not open unless you are decent with electronics) step 2) decide if your psu is up to the job. use a psu calculator to find out if your psu meets the need. you need at least 20 watts over the existing load to overclock step 3) wright down all the information about the existing processor settings. if the system locks, you will need these to restor it. step 4) post a picture of your heatsink, to help acesse if its up to the job more to come

Erm, thanks, but I have no idea what any of this means. Besides, while you were in Florida, I just slapped on an ESS and vacuumed the whole thing, top to bottom.

I'm not sure. One HP Pav 6330 is running XP, nice and smooth. It's got.. hmm.. 196MB RAM now. The other HP 6330 is running Linux, slow as crap, but it was plagued with Heaven-knows-what on the inside (looked like lead dust or something - it was stored in a battery warehouse for a few years) The newest HP is running XP, but its fairly slow; i think I've bogged it down with too many programs... but I'm not allowed to open it :/