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Old pennies stuck together with green rust like putty!? Answered

I was going through a trunk of old coins and alot of the pennies are stuck together with a green putty like rust!!! What on earth is this its holding the pennies together quite well, I can pry a few apart but some are just stuck! I also found some mercury head dimes, steel pennies, and this unidentifiable coin with a eagle on the front and what looks like a statue of liberty on the back. Any ideas on the rust putty and what this mystery coin is?!


I love your standing liberty quarters!!! I think I have one of those. I am not a big collector of those.

Incidentally, the value of those coins is worth more than their face value - because of the metals. Look for your coins on http://www.coinflation.com/

Hm..try some kind of acid to clean the pennies (coke might not be sufficient) maybe some vinegar? That reminds me..I need to buy some steel pennies... As for the mystery penny, try posting about it on yahoo answers..they're pretty good about that kind of thing (I think).