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One Hundred Things We Didn't Know Last Year Answered

  • Baseball is English.
  • A Victorian doctor was struck off for describing nicotine as "foul poison".
  • Americans are not allowed to sell proper haggis.
  • 1% of Americans are in prison.
  • Toasters are illegal in Cuba.

... and 95 other peculiar facts culled from the news over the last 12 months.

What have you learned in the last year?


What have you learned in the last year?

Being a father is hard.

. But it's worth it. ;) . I lucked out, NachoDaughter was 4 yo when we met, so I missed out on all that diaper business.

Yeah, you missed out on the diapers. But I think you also missed on watching a really complicated Hebbian neural network self-organize :-)

Our daughter barely started crawling three weeks ago, and she's already able to go from the living room to her bedroom to the office in one expedition, and stop and investigate things along the way.

Oh, ack. Now I'm going to start going on and on like some doting parent, aren't I? Sigh...

> like some doting parent . We are what we is. ;)

Being a father taught me that I have a poor sense of smell.

I never did cotton on that it was always my turn when the nappy was bad.

Actually, the first nappy I ever did was #1 son's first poop - you know, the one they do a few hours after being born, that comes out like road tar? The midwife congratulated me on my technique and asked how many kids I'd had before. That kind of doomed me...

(Do either of you find your selves pulling oogy-woogy faces at babies in queues? And have you seen the baby-carrier rucksacks they have these days? #1 son did miles in his, far more than a pram. I hope my back holds out so I carry the grand-kids in one...

...I think I'll stop now.)

. I can do a lot of things that most ppl find extremely distasteful, but changing a dirty diaper will make me retch almost every time. Even tending a colostomy bag or cleaning up a friend's brains (I've done both) is more "pleasant."

. To make a long story short, he decided to check out and chose a rather messy way of doing it. The police had done their investigation and his parents were coming in to collect his belongings. I didn't think they needed to see the mess.

I'm sorry, Nacho. That must have been awful. It was really nice of you to spare his family though.

. I hated to lose him, but it was one of those situations where I understand why he did it. Maybe not the best solution, but at least he's at peace now.

As first born in the late 50's and early 60's, I got my training early, and even though I was prevented from having children (long story), I was ready for it.

2 brothers and one sister came after me, and then my Dad had colon cancer in his mid 40's, so I learned the best and most sanitary ways to empty the colostomy bag too.

The sarcastic remark is eminent MOST FUN I have ever had end of sarcastic remark though is while I was about 13 and riding in the back of our car, my little sister stood up int the front seat, leaned over the front seat (bench seat) and emptied the contents of her stomach at precisely the perfect trajectory to hit me at collar level, and coat the inside of my coat. Our car did not have much heat in it, so I had to wear the coat all the way home.

I need to write a book: First borns go through parenting TWICE


Do either of you find your selves pulling oogy-woogy faces at babies in queues?

Believe it or not, the wife and I do this often, especially in restaurants after being seated. . ;-)

Oh, yeah. My wife and I both do the silly face thing with random other babies now. We bought very early a baby carrier called "Ergo" -- it's canvas with a soft cotton lining, and comes with a separate quilted insert for head support of really young infants. I've carried Madeleine all through the Portland science museum (OMSI) for three or four hours, and she was happy or sleeping the whole time. I really like it because it has a wide and thickly padded lumbar strap.

Haha. I make silly faces at little kids all the time. They at first look at me like I'm crazy, then they start giggling, then their parents look and I instantly stop and become fascinated with something else. :D


9 years ago

I dunno. They say "26. Up to one quarter of the sand on shorelines can be composed of plastic particles.", which I found unlikely, so I followed the link provided. I didn't see anything in the article linked to to support that number even in a vague way, the closest being "100,000 items of plastic per sq km of seabed."

And "46. A petaflop is a measurement of computing speed equivalent to one thousand trillion calculations a second." Well, duh. Maybe next year they'll figure out whether that's a British Trillion or an American Trillion. (peta- is 1015 in any case; Yeah for standardization!)

... and 95 other peculiar facts culled from the news over the last 12 months.

Where else would people send around peculiar facts but the web :-)

And shouldn't "facts" be in quotation marks?

If they are truly questionable, I suppose it should be :-)

If they're from the BBC, aren't they questionable by definition? >Ducks to avoid Kiteman's trebuchet

Hey, I'm an American. I'm required to be arrogant and disdainful of other cultures and nations :-)

Don't get me started about saving the Limeys' arses twice last century, bwa-ha-ha-ha

Saving?? So why did we get a bill??

(You are the only American I know who actually calls us "Limeys")

{Just trying to keep in period :-)

I think you got a bill because we were Lending & Leasing you stuff :-)

Hah, I know some history along with my science :-)

Hmm, does that make me anti-American if I am not of such an attitude? ;-)

Hmmm....if you collide an American with an anti-American, do you get a spray of Canadians in all directions?

Personally, I would rather associate with snarks then with mesons o_0

Oh I have a good one! It produces Canadians, often known as the "Eh-mesons".

Or would that be snarks and boojums ? ;-)

You are us! A few other countries as well but thats not the point! I won't even start, I know you're teasing :-P

I learned so much stuff between September and now. This is because that is when my coin collection started getting growing pains.

Like, the last year for silver coins was 1964, but
Kennedy halves were silver until 1971.

Sometimes, the stamp for coins brakes. The result is a flat lump. This is called a cud.

And tons tons tons tons tons more

Nice list, I've sent it around :-)

Oh, you're one of those people, the ones who send silly stuff to everybody on their email contact list?

they hate you too well maybe not, or else they would stop emailing you

I've found the most effective strategy is not to reply at all. Eventually they stop emailing silly quizzes, 'shopped pictures and dumb anecdotes to you. Eventually.

I find it best to not check your email in years and forget your password =p

. I'm currently using two very similar methods to control SPAM/junk e-mail. 1) My mail server has a catchall acct. Any mail that comes in without a valid acct gets routed to this mailbox. I can then use the filters in my e-mail client to shuffle the known "bad" accts to the trash. If I start getting a lot of mail to a particular acct, I just set up an acct on the server and set it to auto-delete. Everyone I give an e-mail address to gets a unique one. For you it might be adrian@nachomail.com. If I start getting SPAM/junk at that address, I know where it came from and can set up an auto-delete acct if needed. 2) Otherinbox.com has a very similar setup and is free. I think it is still an invite-only beta, but I may be able to get you an invite if you want to try it. If you do signup, keep your username short, your e-mail address will xxx@username.otherinbox.com

Ooo! That does sound good. If it wouldn't be hard or too much trouble, that'd be nice. :-)

. Check PMs. . It also works great if you need to post an e-mail address in a public forum. If I wanted to post an addy in this topic, I'd use something like ibles100@mailserver.com (I hope these DNs I've been using don't exist heehee). I'd go ahead and set up an acct, check it for a few days/weeks/whatever, and then set it to auto-delete. . To keep the list of accts from getting too large, I delete most of the auto-delete accts every 18-24 months. There's always a handful I have to put back on the list, but not too bad.

Thankies! For temporary inboxes, I usually just go to one of those sites that give you an address for a week or a day or whatever.

well if someone didnt do that, then we wouldnt have this forum topic, now will we rss feeds too :)

More like everyone at work, and only occasionaly :-P

Some are actually pretty sad...... But the rest are hilarious!

I appreciate a pertinent inbox.

Ah yes, got this link in one of those chain emails today. Some funny/interesting stuff. Also: first post in weeks, glad to be back