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Online Electronic Kits Answered

Hello, I am starting a  non-profit organization and I want to sell electronics kits on the internet but what sort of legal issues would I run into? I'm looking to sell plasma speaker kits, tesla coil kits, other dangerous kits, and some not, etc. I know that you could technically be sued if someone got hurt using something they bought, and what can I do to prevent this. I'm not exactly looking for the, "Buy liability insurance!" answer, I'm looking more for the, "Put a 'I am not responsible for your actions' type thing!" What can I do to be safe, what can I not do to not be safe? Thanks!!!


if you're actually going to be selling things, you should probably consult a lawyer for the actual wording. check out a few places online that already sell the same types of things and see how their things are worded. also, no matter how well your disclaimer is worded, someone with a good lawyer can still sue you if they are so inclined.

As long as you clearly identify the potential hazards, and state them clearly in the product description, your should be fine. For example;

This product involves the generation and use of high voltages that present a potentially fatal risk if misused, particularly to those with heart conditions or fitted electronic devices (including pace-makers and insulin pumps).  By purchasing this device, you confirm that you are aware of these risks, and competent to deal the them safely.  Do not allow young or untrained individuals to use this product unsupervised.

In other words, once you have warned potential buyers of the risks, it is their responsibility to deal with them sensibly.