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Origin of the Green Tomator Chutney Recipe? Answered

I would like to know if that 1st recipe for the Green Tomator Chutney originates from Ireland or Scotland? The person mentions that it's her gran's recipe.   If not, does anyone out there have an authentic Irish or Scotlish recipe for green tomator chutney?  I'm looking for a tangy recipe (both sweet & tangy). 
Much appreciated


I have a cupboard full of the end of last years crop (this years got blight so no Toms!!

Easy to make - origins lost in antiquity. I guess from pre refrigerator days when to preserve things through the winter they had to be pickled or dried.

Dried Tomatoes are well worth the effort as well.

That's what I reckoned too ...but I was a bit confused by the reference to "her" !
Looks like we'll end up with a bumper cop of green 'uns.


Tried green tomato cake? Apparently it's similar to carrot cake. I didn't get any veg planted this year :(


5 years ago

What I know about it is only through family history. My great grandmother, who was Cajun (of Acadian linage) made a green tomato relish called "Chow Chow" which is more or less the same as Green tomato (relish) chutney. The recipe was passed down to my Grandma and then my mom.

I suspect that the origin is from France and that it has been modified many times over, depending on what local produce was readily available.

I don't know the origin of the recipe. Gran gave it to me. She knew it off by heart and took a lot of convincing to put quantities to the ingredients. My guess is she was given it verbally by someone at some time and just threw stuff in a bowl until she thought it looked right after that. She was pretty adamant that it was hard to get wrong, and after making it several times I think I agree with her.

It is both tangy and sweet, but I couldn't put a location to it for you. Sorry.

Had some on me Scotch egg only this afternoon.