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PMm with no subject Answered

I have a PM stuck in my inbox, registering as unread. The message has been sent to me with no subject, so the clicky link is missing in the inbox, so I can't click it to read it.....

Surely there shoule be a default "No subject" text that appears ? 

I can delete it, but I don't know what it says !



View the page source and search for "/you/inbox?view="
See if you can find the link you can't click.


I like picking through details, glad that worked.


Although it shouldn't be possible to send a PM with no subject or body, I did manage to send one with no subject or body, as well as to myself when I wrote a Perl script to PM multiple people.... for some reason the checks it uses for normal browsers weren't applied when I used perl to load the page.

Is the sender listed? You could PM the sender and ask what they sent you. If the sender's not listed either, it's probably a system burp, I would guess.

 Did you get a email notification? Normally they have the full body of the message in also.