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Be nice, if the links actually worked like they are suppose to in Questions.

HERE is an example

Why not use this page like Questions did before ???

Why NOT ???

This is a Real Bug

Please fix and send Pro Membership :-)



This looks like a Firefox bug. I can leave a comment, highlight it and add a link in Chrome and IE, but not Firefox. Pasting the link as plain text and pushing enter works.


4 years ago

Interesting, I hope you go pro!

Thank you .... I am pro, but always looking for another.

It's the principle of the matter :-)

What are you referring to when you say "Pointers are not pointing"?

Please click on the red link pointer HERE is an example ( same as above ) which will take you to the question "https://www.instructables.com/answers/What-is-the-process-to-become-a-makerspaceor-hacke/" where member mpilchfamily says

"Check the hackerspace wiki." BUT the red link does not work !

As mpilchfamily points out in his second comment and is the topic of my BUG report.

Your "HERE is an example" link works for me. The "hackerspace wiki" does not work for me. I will have to thumbwrestle you for that pro membership because I may have reported the bug first :-)



first link done by copying and pasting url and just hitting enter.

second link done with the hover black menu and pasting url

Your second link looks like you formatted it incorrectly. I can confirm that it appears the highlighting and adding a hyperlink does not work in Firefox.

You had me just by mentioning thumb screws and nuts

Not so interested who gets a pro-ship but that HQ does indeed award one to a worthy member.

I get surly when I lose, too.

(Gotta love auto-correct, eh?)

Paste in the URL and hit enter, it should automatically convert to a
hyperlink. In the Question you reference it looks like the URL was just pasted and then posted without hitting enter to turn it into a hyperlink.

So here's a hint for those "user interface engineers", people normally write something and often go back to add a link, perhaps wanting to highlight the keyword or phrase which contains an underlying link to somewhere. You highlight the selected text and the format menu thing comes up. Fine. The chain link icon is there. You paste or enter the URL. The test and unlink buttons on there. You randomly figure out how to close the menu by hitting the enter key. It turns into an orange text to show there is a link. You post your comment, and test out your link. You see it but nothing happens. You go back several times to see if you should not be using different text or the keywords and just highlight the pasted URL. Using the same dialogue, it still does not work. You usually don't hit enter unless you want a new line when you are ordinarily writing. And it is not mentioned that you have to do that as a matter of procedure. But thanks for the workaround.

I also do it the way you describe, as I add my hyperlinks afterwards, and had to ask to know the method I described. So, there's 2 "ways" people add links to text. I've discussed my preference to the UI guys and am hoping there's a fix that will accommodate my preference in a release.