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Palm PDA: Screen Doesn't Work, But Everything Else Does. What To Do With It? Answered

I dropped it one day and now the screen just turns purple when I turn it on but I can here the speaker make sounds when I touch the screen (it's supposed to do that). What should I do with it? Tell me if you want pictures. I don't feel like putting them up now, but if you want them say so.


. The screen is probably trashed, but it may just be a loose connector. Open the case and see if the display cable has come loose. . I think I've seen replacement displays for Palms on EBay.

I've opened it up, and haven't found anything wrong. Something on the inside of the screen must be broken. The screen is always the first thing to break on PDAs though. I'm not gonna go on eBay, I can't use eBay anyways (I used to, but I'm under-age so I stopped). It's from the late 90's , kinda a piece of crap. I need something to do with it, because I can't fix the screen/get a new one.

Well, if you can still sync it, you could use it as a backup for all your numbers and such...if somehow your phone and computer get fried?

What numbers? I already have a few thumb drives for backup if I need them.