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Perfect war gun V2 Answered

Hey! i'm back with the V2! Okay, this gun fixes all the problems of V1 like:
It know has a mag for the pump action part (that shoots 2 blue rods at a time!)
the turret doesn't fall off any more
looks cleaner
it's got a scope and better sights
uses quite a few less pieces (not that different
more comfy
trigger for all three guns are a lot more reliable
So, i might be posting, depending on what you guys think, and i need a name for it!

Happy seleziona day!


lol, just posts the kanye west video for amazing!!!

I'm gonna let you finish, but the BR-18 is the best gun of all time!

yes, i just bought a bunch of songs on itunes. I listen to pretty much anything (except country!)

haha, same here. country is ok, but only like the first 3 times, then it gets stupid. i listen o prety much all types other than heavy metal and screamo. whats ur favorite song?

yeah. lol, heavy metal isn't very good either. My favorite song right know would be "happy birthday guadalupe!" By The Killers. And my favorite song of all time would be "The Feel Good Drag," by Anberlin.
Heard of them? Well if you don't, check the songs out!!!!!

lol, sure!
my favorites are...
Replay by I.Y.A.Z
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and Amplifier

Amplifier is the only one im sure u've never heard of before. the others are really good :)

Run this town?  How about "Empire state of mind"?

oh really? lol, that's alright! have u heard amplifier??

no. Probably because i don't know if it is a song or band :)

holy craps! 111 replies!!!!

This weapon is proclaimed to be "perfect", yet the transcription of a second exercise indicates that the weapon has been ameliorated, which would ultimately imply that the weapon was not "perfect" to begin with, making this topic obsolete.

the gun was perfect to begin with, and why have i never seen you around before?

If that's posted...

Raikou-san mounts a BR18 turret on it, mods it so it uses more pieces and it cleaner and better-functioning, and whatever-else he can think of.

won't be posting for a while, probs couple of weeks :(

omg that thing is a beast
please post it

I might be done the instructable this weekend, Your wish is granted!!

if you post it please sent me a comment on my orange board

(seleziona's biggest fan) OMG! Seleziona! Yu need to post this!
(seleziona himself) Sorry, i lost my camera card....
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Man that thing is weird.

Because it is weird -.-''
You don't have to be a genius to know that.

I know but i can make a better gun than your war gun.
If you want i can try.

I don't have much knex but lets make a gun with a new trigger system and a 8 round turret. Okay?