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Picture "Loading" problem Answered

In most to all of the instructables, questions, and forum topics I have visited recently, the pictures featured have had the "Loading" bar across them the entire time I am visiting the page. The pictures are fully visible and loaded, but the bar persists.


Ok, I have fixed the problem, at least on my PC.
It was an add-on IE8 with winXP, probably should be the same on any OS.
Try go to IE8 tools/manage add-ons look at your least which ones are disabled and what's enabled, write it down so that set it back as it was if you nedd to, and start disabling what you think is not needed. It is a bit trial and error thing, I got mine from the first try.
Hope it works for you too.
Good luck

      In your description of the problem there is a symptom that you did not mention. 

     If you move off the initial image to a secondary image, the "loading" icon doesn't show up (you noted this). However if you move to a second secondary image and then come back to the first secondary image, it will have the loading issue. 

    Just thought I would mention it, in case it is a clue.



Hello, I am having this problem also and it will not go away, I am using Vista and IE8 and being a not geek I am going to stay with Vista and windows, so how do I solve this problem?


Can you post a link to the instructable it's happening on, and a screenshot, so I can compare what you're seeing to what I'm seeing?

Well, it's still happing on every Instructable I go to. My husband even tried on his computer, and there was exactly the same problem. It's so irritating. I'm not leaving, and I'm always going to stay "pro" this is my very very favourite site. Please Please fix it.

hi, i am having this same problem, but theres more to it than was mentioned...
like LoneWolf posted below, the loading icon stays on the picture, and yes, it stays there for as long as you look at the first photo until you look at the second. Also, if you click on the first photo or any other you have already clicked on, it will only show the loading icon and it will not actually load the image.
As you might also want to know, this bug is also present when you are editing/making an instructable, so it is difficult when you have to refresh the page just to look back and make sure you got the captions right.

I use IE9 and Windows 7, and i hope that you guys can fix this soon!

I also have the big Loading icon issue. Is there any progress on a fix?

I recieved an email from the tech team and they are working on it so they said.

Same problem here.....Loading on every picture....And no I don't want to use Firefox. let me say this is an awesome site but this problem should be fixed asap, it leaves a very bad example to users who I would say 90% of use IE7 or IE8. I love to tell people about the site and have already heard from 3 people that they just started having the same LOADING Issue....Please fix!


Same here, that happens in all the instructables I visit.

So is there anyway to fix this or does instructable just want my money as it is aggrevating, unless they can solve the problem I will not renew my sub.

Please post a screenshot so I can see what you're talking about.

Hah! Found a windows computer in the office. Seems to just be under IE. And it seems to only be for the initial image on each step. It also appears to happen on every instructable. Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks! And that comes up on every instructable, or just some? If just some, does it come up on the same ones or is it sporadic?

Does refreshing the page make it go away, or if it isn't there, does it make it come back?

I'm not seeing it on my browser, if you wouldn't mind testing those few things for me. If we can figure out what causes it, we can figure out how to fix it. Do you have firefox? Do you get the same issues there?


8 years ago

Can you post some links where you're having the problem?  I haven't seen that behavior myself.  Can anyone else confirm this bug?  We'll look into it.

In the meantime, make sure you are browsing the site on Firefox and that you clear your browser cache.

Same problems: "Loading" bar stays over pictures, main picture overlaps thumbnails for other pictures, login problems (having to log in every time). Using IE8, WinXP.

Clearing cache didn't help, but clearing all cookies seems to have fixed login problem. Still getting "loading" and picture overlap. Will try Firefox, but that's just a workaround.

Right, here goes...

Since the new 'slideshow' feature came along, I've also had this 'Loading' problem, along with thumbnails appearing on top of, or above, the main picture - which is often in the middle of the entire screen (ie: half-covering the 'FEATURED' column as well). Switching to 'compatability mode' only cures it for the step I'm on, so I have to switch that off when I'm on the next step (etc., etc., etc.), and if I go back to the first picture on a page, the 'Loading' returns - without actually showing that first picture.

On my home(?) page, the first line of the list of Instructables I'm subscribed to is now so far out, that it almost lines up perfectly with the next across.

The odd thing is, I viewed Kiteman's post (from a subscription update) about the slideshow feature, and that one works perfectly... So, unless there's some difference in the coding used there as opposed to every other Instructable, there shouldn't be any problem...

PLUS I'm still getting 'Login' problems... Every time I come to the site, I seem to be loogged out. At first, I tried logging in correctly, but then didn't notice one day, and clicked a thumbnail, and got a request to 'sign up or login', and have been doing that since - until today, when, I tried logging in correctly again, but that single act logged me in  - WITHOUT having to enter a sinlge thing (or do any more clicking, or anything).

I'll admit that I've often had 'Login/out' problems, where I can find myself logged out for no apparent reason several times a week, yet other times I can stay logged in for a month or more, even if I only visit a couple of times. But I've never had it quite as bad as this has been, and given its coincidental(?) appearance with this new slideshow feature, I am assuming the two are connected.

And, just in case it helps, I am running XP Pro, SP3, and IE8.

I am also having that issue along with the thumbnails appearing either in the middle of the picture or in the middle of the first comment. I am using XP and IE. I cannot use Firefox on one computer as it is a work computer and I am viewing on personal/lunch time. Unfortunately I cannot create a link, however I will try to post a screenshot in a reply to this post.

I am seeing a similar issue. Pictures have a big "Loading" icon on them that never goes away. When you clear the cache, the problem goes away for one view of the picture. Re-click on the picture or return to it, and the infinite "Loading" icon returns. I am using IE8 and Vista. I have seen the problem for about a week. 

It seems to occur on all instructibles, even ones that I have never visited before (not in the cache from previous viewing).

I'm having the same problem with IE8 on XP. It makes it imposible to write an instructable. I can't seem to edit photo comments or remove photo, and sometimes the wrong picture shows up on a new page. I can't tell what is what. Guess I'll give Firefox a try.

Hmm. That seems to have been the problem. thank you for your time.

You are very welcome!