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Picture Quiz - CLOSED Answered

Free picture-quiz! (Isn't this site great...?)

Some of you will know this format, others will not. The pictures "spell-out" Instructables user names, either literally or with a bit of thinking. The first is me as an example, the other 10 are the ones I'd like to see a full set of answers for.

While this is just for fun I'll patch whoever gets them any of them.

While I don't expect people to do this, it would be preferable only to post answers to all10.

So far:
1 Red KITE MAN tractor unit
2 ANGRY RED (Fraggle) HEAD (from Full Metal Jacket, where as Marines the toilets were referred to as "Heads" in line with marine terminology)
3 CAN IDA (an asteroid)
4 JAY (E) and Silent-Bob FU (U) Manchu as played by Boris Karloff
5 JESS (Postman Pat's cat) (Y) RAT Barton FINK
6 KENT (county) (S) OK (magazine)
7 (=) S & M ART Garfunkel (=)
8 GOO Tenacious D Tony HART
9 (THE) (Breakfast) BURRITO The MASTER (from Dr Who?, as played by Roger Delgado)
10 Mr BUMP US flag

The winners being NachoMahma,Kiteman, n8man & Jayefuu



Is 3 Sumpchunkman?

Not sure where that comes from, but the answers are now at the top of the page.



3 is canida

IDA is an asteroid
Those are obviously cans

#7 has 2 people on the floor, they look nude-ish and then there's a picture of someone who looks like the guy out of Napoleon Dynamite.


He is, as Nacho' observed ART Garfunkel.


I think your picture would be much easier if it had a lemon, and the Internet Explorer logo.

Perhaps, but that's just an example.



8 years ago

3. No clue
6. Kent(the green part is Kent)sOKay
7. Not sure, something tells me its Dombeef. I don't know who that second pic is though.

Yes! KentsOkay - I thought that was one of the easier ones. Patch will be yours.


 3 is StumpChunkMan, it is the  only thing that makes sense


8 years ago


Yes, unfortunately Nacho' got that yesterday. Look up top for the remaining 3.


Oh, darn. Well, you've definitely made a challenging puzzle.

Here goes nothing
  1. Lemonie
  2. Kiteman
  3.      ? Angry dancing jacket ?
  4.      ? Beancan metorite?
  5.       ?Drugdealers vampire?
  6. PKM
  7.       ?South-east victoria?
  8.       ?S&M afro?
  9.       ?Pink rock painter?
  10.       ?Taco Frenchman?
  11. Bumpus
Well that was hard, i dont really know who is from uk, and i dont know what/who most of the pictures are :S

anyway points for effort right ?

Never watched Postman Pat or Dr Who?


yea ive seen loads of postman pat :P i diddnt know what to look for but i know it now

I'm sorry, but how is number 2 kiteman? I just don't see it....

2)(By popular demand) Kiteman
5)Jay(Insert name of other person in black and white picture)
10)Iamcanadian?(Total loss at this one)

You might have looked at other answers... But number 2 shows a Red KITE (bird) and MAN tractor unit.


Oh okay, thanks for the answer.  And might? Did, but wanted to be original...And I had no idea how they got their answers, but didn't want to ask for every single picture.

I've updated - see what you make of the remaining 3...?


.   hmmm
.  #2 = kite + Man = Kiteman
.  #5 = Jaye + fu = Jayefuu
.  #10 = burrito + master? = the_burrito_master

.  #8 = domindude3 (but I'm not sure exactly where Art Garfunkel enters the picture)

You're getting there on that one, half the username you have just mentioned.


The "?" is Postman Pat's cat, called "Jess".

.  #3 = angry + Red Fraggle + head = AngryRedhead

Also, what do you mean by inc prize?

OK, #1 is you, #2 is me.
#9 is Goodhart.
#10 is Nachomahma?
The last is Bumpus.

The rest are a mystery - I've been on the road all day, returning from the in-laws, including just getting through the A66 blizzard just before the major accident that closed it in both directions.

Correction, #10 is burrito_master.

I told you I was tired.

#6 is bugging me
i feel like it should be simple for some reason

Yes it should. Look closer / longer...


hints by any chance?