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Playing Xbox games on PC - What's the best emulator -ez to use, ez customisation? Answered

Hi, um... Man, i wish there were more cross- platform games out there, cause i want to play the new titles "Need 4 Speed: Shift" and "Halo 3 ODST" on my PC, but they only made'em for the game consoles, not pc. (Plus i can't afford an Xbox). I know there's some xbox emulators like CxBx, (which i have), but i need one thats easy to use, and lets you customize all the controls for the game, so i can use a wireless gamepad on them.


There currently are no emulators capable of running Xbox 360 games, or for that matter most Xbox games. PS3 emulation is the same. Other than DRM getting in the way, in order to run a console game at full speed your computer would have to be a freaking beast (as in a Core i9 clocked at 4+ Ghz, a few GTX 295's in SLI, and 6+ GiB of RAM). I'd advise you to just get a broken 360 and fix it. Oh, and Need For Speed: Shift is actually out for PC. As far as I know, the only major titles that are console-only are Gears of War 2 and Halo 3/ODST. I feel you pain though, I've been wishing for a 360 emulator for a while now, even though my computer would choke and die on it.

Just signed up to reply to this comment, what are you going for running like 2 ps3's on one computer lol, that's a fricking powerful combo and will run probably like 3 xbox 360's in one computer at full speed, dude the 360 is not that powerful, 1 gtx 295 is probably more than enough and it's processor is probably not more powerful than a dual core but emulation wise a quad core at 2.6 ghz would do.


8 years ago

http://www.360emu.co.cc/  ?