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Please help with my HHO generator? Answered

I just made mine by aluminum (because I don't have any stainless steel). Then I realize I can't choose a conductor (normally, they used NaOH or KOH but I can't, because they react with aluminum). And when I use salt, a thick gooey grey layer appear. What I should use or how can I prevent this layer forming?



5 years ago

Regular salt water will produce poisonous Chlorine gas

If you notice stuffy sinuses and watery eyes THOSE Are the
First symptoms.... The antidote is a cautious sniff of dilute ammonia gas..


I hope you're aware that what you are making is not "HHO", but is actually a mixture of perfectly ordinary H2 and O2, in the ratio of 2:1?

Please be very careful, the mixture is highly explosive.

Having said that, try using bicarbonate of soda (sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate) as the charge carrier in the water.