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Post a Pic - Get a Patch Answered

I've got a few patches to give away, so I thought I'd start a contest that would allow me to see some of your faces.

Just post a photo of yourself doing something out of the ordinary before the 15th, and I'll send a patch to my favorite entries.

That means you've got one week to put up a photo of yourself being the weirdos I know you all are.

Oh, and if your picture needs explaining...please explain it.

To start it out, here's one of me mattress surfing in the UF dorms. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like:


Yeah... All I can say is that there was a giant arrow on the side of the highway so I was like "OMG Mom! Let's go take a picture of it!!"


8 years ago

This is a bit late, but I don't do things out of the ordinary too often. This is me trying to hang upside down on a zip line, which is not too out of the ordinary, but considering I'm kinda afraid of heights, this a bit crazy for me.


Is this finished yet - who got the patches? L

ok, im not sure if im late, but here. from Niagara!


Nah the first time instructables shall see my face is in my first instructable.

weisensteinburger but my friend ashley owns them and I dont know if I can find them

Happy picture day, I had trouble trying to find one that wasn't indecent, The first is a singstar party I had a year or two ago and the second is of me dressed as a nun on a trampoline at 2AM at a film fancy dress party for my friends 17th. Yes, I'm mad.


Me climbing my house? Err, worryingly I have far more odd things...


I agree with Weisescheeseburger! Youre awesome and you dont even try!

I owe it all to two girls, who have more incriminating photos of me than anyone in the world...

did you mean bread or break. dont really understand that, d isnt close to k

Aye, my finger dyslexia.....it was the correct finger to type with, just the wrong hand.....I did mean BREAK, ty.

That pic is worthy of a caption contest!

I'll go ahead and start submissions, so you can go ahead and give me my prize already:

  • I can see my house from here!
  • What the? I must've taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque!
  • Pictured: fear, Not pictured: stairs
  • Look ma! No hands!
  • Eat your heart out, Killerjackalope
  • Hi I'm Weissesteinburg, welcome to Jackass.....

Also, the pants bring these words into mind: Silver Surfer.

~~ ~~


I've got more... (but I'm not drinking beer in this one, bit tricky.)


Lemonie, you just got cooler in my book.

i wish we hadn't run out of time!!!

I never actually announced the winners, so go and post something, i'll judge in a few days.

No explanation...


Tornado accident?

It's late, but yesterday I climbed into a yard waste bag at work. My coworkers picked me up in it, and then I used it as a sleeping bag. The pictures are blurry because Michelle was laughing. :P


Ok, heres a pic of my face