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Post your Presents !! Answered

So what ya' get !!??!!

Post any cool presents you got here and add pics if there really cool !
Also if you have any cool Christmas pic's post them !

This isnt a competition !
Dont degrade other peoples gifts
Dont LIE !



9 years ago

I got 2 more gigs of ram for my laptop, Microsoft office 2007 student editetion, a wii game, and vista ultimate. (please no vista rags, especially for those who have not even used it)

cool ! my laptop needs more ram, it runs like a drunken tortoise :P My mate has had vista for ages and he hasn't had any problems at all !

Haha, yeah, so as my laptop's ram, it runs too slow as well... It has 512MB and 30GB of hard drive space. My dad's desktop computer's ram had 5GB and 2TB (2000GB) of hard drive space!!!!

Haha! Yeah, he payed about $3000 for that beast... :-O

sp1 makes vista all the better!

is that the slim and lite or the fat and chunky i have chunky lol

Its the slim. But I also have a chunky PSP (its broken :-( )

and no, I am not posting pics of my gifts

ty. Yeah, I have a pretty good idea of what it looks like already.

well, I actually got 4 gigs of ram to replace the two I already have, and I have already put them in, but same difference, anyone interested in 2GB of ram?

well the ram is for an HP I think, does HP make Apple computers? (joke)

HAHAHAH-HP-MAKE-APPLE-COMPUTERS-HAHA-EPIC-NOOB! lol joke !! Yea for some reason apple has to have "special" ram...

Apple computers are really not customizable, which is why they fail in that category.

The new version of vista will be awesome! It's gonna be bug-free!

Do you mean a new service pack or the next version of windows?

The next version of windows!

And it will look exactly like vista, but not be buggy.

let me know how it works out for you my laptop is going to have it

I haven't gotten it yet, still in mail.

Here are some pics of my stuff
Diddnt get anything super expensive as we are going skiing in two days and that is our main present
(our = me and my two brothers)


1st pic - some books, lanyard, robot, gift vouchers, toiletry's and chocolates 2nd pic - calendar and gift vouchers 3rd pic - one meter of jaffa cakes !

Holy crap! one meter of cakes! I have never seen those before! However, I have seen a one meter long box of fingers at tesco.

once i eat a finger i become addictid to them i need 10 of those lol

haha yea..... unless your attacker/s like cakes!!

My mum got one of those for hannah, she was like, 'JAFFA CAKES!'

I am on vacation so i don't have pictures... I got a Stratocaster guitar with amp, A zune, some weird bird seeds glued togethoe to look like eggs, and a slinky. This is the most i have ever gotten for christmas :D

when you say strat... do you mean like squier or something like Yamaha

A Stratocaster is a type of guitar, probally the most famous

i know what a strat is but the strat has become so popular, every knock off brand makes a strat i just wanted to know the brand

Oh, i should point out that my main present will be a new alu iMac, which i getting for myself in january when they update them!

not lucky, i did work for my money.. and most the cost will come from selling my old mac

That's what I like about macs, they hold their value quite well unlike pc's.

My previous mac was an iMac G5 -i then sold it, and purchased a faster better powermac for £100 less!!

I'm considering a macbook more and more each day. I don't know if I can justify buying one though. How long will a typical mac run before it'll need updating/replacing?

If you treat a apple well, pretty much forever. We still use G3's on a daily basis and they run no problems. When buying new it might be worth paying for apple care for the first few years as if they ever break it costs a lot!

i agree with what joem says - well looked after they hold there value -my iMac, was 5 years old, and i sold it for £500 (i paid £1000 for it new). I have a macbook myself and its a great little laptop, very speedy for its price range.