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Posting amazon affiliate links Answered

Are we allowed to post links to​ products that we used in our instructables if we could potentially get a perk from posting it?

I'm thinking of joining Amazon's affiliate program, where I would get a % of sales that amazon made from my links. Could I post those links in my instructables, either in the body of the 'ible, or the comments section? And if so, would I have to disclose that I joined the program? I haven't joined yet, but people ask me sometimes in the comments where I got the stuff I used to make my project, and I'd love to offset the cost of making stuff by getting paid for links that I'd post anyway. 

I checked the terms of service and searched the FAQs, but I still wasn't sure.


Anything new on this topic?

I agree. BTW, that was a nice write-up.

Another interested here

Staff do it, so you should be OK.

If you want to salve your conscience, add a footnote to say they are affiliate links.

Okay! I decided not to do it after all, but I'll keep it in mind if I ever go for it. Thanks!