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Potatobots Take Paris, New York, China and beyond Answered

Tech meets art as students learn what makes machinery tick, and use those parts to anthropomorphize potatoes.  Not only do they make crazy creatures, they write back-stories for them as well. 

"Each year, my students and I take apart old electronics (VCRs, computers, clock radios, and the like). We use the parts like the parts for the old-school Mr. Potato Head kits. In the 50′s, you didn’t get the big plastic potato, you just got face and body parts. We use the gears, springs, screws, wires, and other pieces as the body parts for our Potatobots. We photograph them on blue paper, and then I use GIMP to place them into scenes of the students’ choosing."

Find out what happens when a Potatobot falls into a wormhole and how Tim got so much camel:  http://potatobots.wordpress.com/

Did I mention they can shoot lasers from their eyes?  Who knew playing with food could be so much fun?



M.C. - Fantastic bot! Scoochmaroo, thanks for posting this. My kids are pretty excited that their Potatobots are 'famous'. We had a lot of fun making these, from taking all the electronics apart, to the parts lottery, to the building. Once we started putting them in pictures, their imaginations really started working overtime.

Cool potatobot, but your Instructable needs a bit more detail than just a list of parts.

I (I mean my kids) will love making these this weekend. Awesome idea.

Great googly mooglie! That is such an excellent idea! This is >so< going to be a club activity next year!