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Power from a moving aluminum-part? Answered


I was playing with  some ideas and wonder if it is possible to get power from a moving piece of aluminum.
I know, if you tab the alu, you can get the power because to the eddy-currents geenrated if you have a permanent-magnet near...
But what if i wanted to get the power NOT from the aluminum, but from the "other" side like the magnet?

If i hold a magnet near a moving piece of aluminum, can i get power from the magnet as well or are the eddys only generated in the alu and not in the magnet since it already has its magnetic field?

So the basic question is:
How to get power with the help of a moving piece of aluminum, but the tab-point in NOT the aluminum but something geometrically separated.

Thanks a lot! :)


However, i found that it IS possible of some sorts:

1.: Have a magnet close to the moving aluminum.
2.: The magnet will incuce eddy-currents in to the aluminum and create a (counter-)magnetic field within the aluminum.
3.: since the aluminum is moving, the field-position in the aluminum fluctuated quite a lot, even if you look from the outside.

Now you created a changing magnetic field with the help of a permanent magnet and a moving aluminum-part.

4.: add pickup-could nearby and you can get the energy from them.

I did NOT invent this. I am SURE multiple other wise brains came to this before me...

See http://www.magniclight.com/MagnicLight/index.php/en/ for a cool use of this technique.

I've misinterpreted what you were after then. Try the homopolar generator ?

Homopolar generators are close but no deal :)
At a HPG you contact the moving disc and not the magnet... or if you make anotehr configuration you contact the disk and the magnets move...
Both setups disqualify, because i have a moving aluminum-part and stationary magnets (and possibly other parts). I cannot however, contact the aluminum in a simple and save manner...
So the electrical contacts HAVE to be made either at the magnets or at another non-moving part like a coil.

You can't get it from the magnet. Look up Fleming's rules of induction AKA the right angle rules. The current is developed orthogonal to the magnt and the motion.

I'm not sure I fully understand your question but in general any conductor (including aluminium) which moves through a magnetic field will generate current. I dont think it is possible to generate a current from the magnet moving near a conductor though.