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Powering oven resistor Answered

Hey :)

Does anyone know how to power an oven resistor ? Is it really a simple resistor (I'm not sure as it is directly exposed in oven, it seems too dangerous for the user if it is simply a metal stick) ? If I plug it to 220V sine 50Hz will it heat ?

Thanks :)


Ah ok, perfect, I didn't know for the coating but it seemed to be a bit dangerous without ^^ It will be easy to add to my project ! Thanks for your answer :)

A drying box for meat :p The resistor will be used to maintain the temp to a certain level.

you could probably power it at 110v if u dont hav 220 available. u may not get the top o the temp range tho.


Best Answer 4 months ago

not quite a "metal stick" more like a coil of nickel chromium wire coated in ceramic . But, yes, it does take full voltage in an "on / off" circuit controlled by a thermostat