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Project - 1 Man tent that transforms/collapses into a hiking pack: Need ideas/advice/help/hints! Answered

Basically what it says on the title - I have an idea for a one man tent that collapses or transforms into a hiking pack.  I need any helpful ideas, advice, or hints that you may have to offer.


 I like the idea,

If it were me, I would make my own tent using a heavy duty canvas type material, it may weigh more but if it is being used as a two for one it may less than the two put together.

Also how long is the trip are you planning? The longer the trip ( in days) changes how much you need to hold so changing the size of the tent.

When at a camporee once I saw someone who made is own pack using dowels to make an external frame and attached bags, this would be your best bet I believe.

Any way make sure to post pictures and or an instructables.

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What are your ideas and what are your specific problems? 

How are you going to store and carry the rest of your gear while your camp is set?  Your idea works OK for situations where you camp and don't go anywhere, but not where you must camp in one area and play and work in another.

I have two major ideas, one where the pack telescopes out in three sections, with pole at certain intervals, and another, which is harder to explain, but basically the tent collapses, then folds in half length ways and then into a tube which forms the basis for the pack. My idea for the stuff in the pack was that it would be in a dry bag or compression sack of some sort, so it can removed easily and stored along the tent, or at the bottom

I intended it to be used for backpacking or hiking as an emergency measure if you get stuck overnight


8 years ago

Sounds like an interesting idea!

One problem I think you should try to manage: the wear of a backpack may cause spots that are not waterproof.

The outsides of my backpacks get pretty hard wear (in places) and the fabrics are usually under lots of tension.  This will lessen the water-proof qualities of a tent fabric.  Typical tent fabric partly keeps water out due to a tight weave.  In fact, body heat can expand some tent fabric and allow water to soak through. 

Since staying dry is one of the three rules to happy camping, I'd be careful to overcome this problem.  Maybe the exterior pack surfaces could form the floor of your tent when assembled.

Good luck, I always wanted to make my own pack and tent, but never thought to kill two birds with one stone!