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Proper picture size for Ibles- Opinions? Answered

What picture size is too large... or too small... or just right! ;-)

Opinions appreciated.



6 years ago

Inquiring minds ALSO want to know! Good one :)

Hiya Mark! Did you get those stickers?

I did thank you very much.

My is Mark too!!! :D (that's the second person on this site i found with that name)

Sorry I didn't thank you sooner.......... but I did notice your absence.

BTW........I will be spreading the love. iceng and sirjames will be getting Christmas cards with stickers :)

Cool... I knew you would! ;-)

lol... sorry you wasted it on me! ;-D Now I'm truly confused. 8-)


6 years ago

Some content like  "what is this a picture of ?"  the 1600×1200 at a minimum if well focused.

Most others in a clear detailing of how an ible process takes place a 640×480 can do.

A lot of Knex have poor lighting, resolution and focus.  It's almost  like admire my creation  but  Don't Build IT.

Circuit schematics need to be easy to make out the smallest squiggle or why bother ( I'm guilty here but improving )..


Hey Alex! Please take a look at the pic and tell me what you think.

Some kind of white possibly embossed napkin.  Supporting hand shaped fruit-cake or bread pudding balls with a nut or two.  Some of the balls were hand dipped in hot chocolate or fresh fudge frosting mix before being grouped and decorated by a bag with narrow tip.  Then the second layer of balls were stacked on the first and decorated in the same delicious manner.

Regrettably I can only imagine the wonderful taste and entrancing aroma over here.


lol, Alex... you are SO CLOSE to spot-on!!!

But the question: Is this pic too small?

Here's the expanded view. It's even smaller. ;-(


it appeals to my desire to consume but it could be bigger in order to easily differentiate elements of unique construction. .



Thank yo, Alex. As longs as it looks good enough to eat, I'm happy! ;-D

And she says she has a "little learning to do" Ha ha - that picture is fine. I can see detail quite well!

ahem... the "friend" who said my 250 KB pics looked small... was you! 8-D

well ahem....they did look small - are you sure it wasn't 25kb's LOL?

Some time ago, a friend suggested I increase my picture size. At the time I think I was posting pics at around 250-300 KB.

To make a long story short, I recently changed cameras and took some decent pics of some cookies I made.

When I went to resize them, I realized they were already pretty darn small.

I'm hoping this picture (172 KB) is big enough because the cookies mysteriously disappeared within a couple hours. We had a small party going on, so I can't blame it on one particular person... whose name is probably Mr Bajablue. ;-)

Is this picture big enough or do I need to make more of these cookies?

grrr... having trouble uploading. I'll BRB, hopefully.

It looks good ..........from an android......if that helps?

Not sure but I have used jpegs from 12 megapixel and 7 megapixel cameras. If you crop them square(same pixel count height and width) they come out better as thumbnails when they are automatically resized by ibles. I think there is more of a problem with quality of the pictures(dark, fuzzy) vs small images in lower resolution that are still legible.

Thanks for your advice. I've got some learning to do. ;-)

"Some Learning" - hmmmm LOL cannot imagine that one haa haa. I did post before but don't see it now. Picture looks OK to me - can see detail quite well.

(Holds out hands in front of monitor)

About that big.

Being in focus and properly composed is far more important than the size.