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Pulse Generator, part suggestions? Answered

Hey, I want to make an external pulse generator, mainly so I can power a simple coilgun. I know I have to have a bunch of capacitors hooked up in parallel, but what value would be ideal? And what kind of transformer do I need? Say I use a 9v battery, how would I calculate the ouptut voltage? I know trial and error would work best for me, but I don't have any transformers lying around so I need advice on which one to get. Thanks.


ok, so are you trying to make a portable coil gun? for the capacitors: 100uF at 200 volts is better than 200uf at 100 volts. because in the joule equation voltage get's squared. So get the highest voltage that can be provided by your power supply. NOTE: if space is a factor putting capacitor in series is bad. If you think about it when you put capacitors in series essentially almost half the space is useless. for a pulse generator you can just use a 555 timer driving a transistor. You may need to protect the transistor and 555 with diodes

Ah sorry I just looked up what a Pulse Generator is, and I realize that what I want is just a single big pulse. Just a big discharge of the capacitors. What kind of transformer should I get for that?

you don't need a transformer for that, all you need is a couple of SCR's in parralel (to handle all of the current). Wikitize SCR if you don't know what that is