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Puppy names! Answered

Guess who got not one, but two puppies? :D
And guess who has absolutely no clue as to what to name them?
Yeah, that'd be me.
So what do you think are some good puppy names?
Here's a picture of them, one has an ear that sticks straight up and the other has an upside down white triangle on his forehead. Oh yeah, they're both boys.


How about Burmuda (Triangle) for one and Dammit for the other then when you call him you can say Dammit come here. Or as he is white how about "Blanco"

I have a black lab mix with border collie. He's very smart and cute too! He has a little white spot on his chest so we call him Little White which has become L W which has become L dubya (like how George W. Bush's middle name is said) which has become dub. Totally a Texas name!

I just got one a few weeks ago too, His name is bear


Sunny, I am quite envious of your awesome puppies, I say you should name them after awesome ibles members. *crosses fingers*

Hehe that is a good idea... There are so many awesome ibles members though so it'd be hard to choose just two! :P 

That's just chickening out!

Don't worry, Kiteman is a silly name for a dog.

How about...

Bones and McCoy!  Not our MrMcCoy, the real, Doctor McCoy!

I am the real McCoy, also, that was somewhat mean as one of my avatar pictures is the good doctor, thank you very much!

Kiteman would be a silly name for a dog :)
Or Spock :P Cause his ears remind me of the one whose ear sticks up!

Heart would be a nice name for the one,  and maybe Crystal for the one with the diamond.....

Squish and Squawk. Deffinitely.

I had a friend with two dogs and their names were Kit and Kaboodles.

Wingus & Dingus.


|That'll confuse em :-)    Might as well call them Thing1 and Thing2 :-) 

I have a friend who did call his puppies Wingus & Dingus. For a pair I don't think it matters that names are (in)distinct.


As long as you don't ever want to "call" just one of them at a time :-)

I think it's the whole word - say them out loud and feel what your mouth does.


I know this seems simple, but just pick a name that feels right. 

All the dogs in Mazee's litter were first given color names to identify them before they were old enough to take home. Mazee's name was pinky because of her pink nose. We originally had our elementary school class (wow, was it really that long ago) come up with names, but none of them seemed right. Eventually, Mom thought of Amazing Grace, so we narrowed it down to Mazee and Grace. Mazee had a good vibe to it, and now I can't imagine her with a different name.

Also, you could base one of them off of iBles, or something that you're passionate about.  

Jay & Silent Bob
Tom & Jerry
Paul & Stanley
Ace Frehley & Alice Cooper
Kit & Kat

.  Beavis & Butthead

Mr. Farley and Chubbs

Skeeter and Bones

Reginald and Horatio (i'm a big fan of using people names for dogs...as long as they're sufficiently obscure names)

Eeersup and Eeersdown (once had two kittens, one was fluffy and personable, the other not.... one was fluffystripednotsoscared and the other was notsofluffystripedveryscared)

Deeohgee and Bob

Mac and PC ;-)

I wouldn't want one of them to get viruses all the time :P
I like those names though haha. 

You need names that have a different "shape" when the dogs hear them.

Mannie and Dancer?

I didn't think of that before, but yeah that'd definitely be a good thing.