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QUADROPHONIC s/pdif to usb converter Answered

​Dear 'instructables' people,

​I need a specific device for my audio recording project. I can not find it in the market place as my device (LEXICON MX400) is about 8 years old... so becoming unsupported in the HIDef audiofile arena.

​What do I want? I want an S/Pdif to USB interface specifically : two s/pdif in & two s/pdif out going through a converter to a USB high-speed input on my laptop.

​I can find numerous examples of 'USB to s/pdif'... ergo USB (out of a computer) to single S/Pdif ins (hi def audio systems)... but I need to go the other way around: from my hi quality mixing device (the Lexicon MX400) using it's s/pdif outs (2 of for quadraphonic sound) through a converter (of hi quality with low jitter) to a hi speed USB (usb2 or 3) input of a laptop.

​I have found I can buy external sound cards like the 'old' MBOX (with it's s/pdif in & outs) that would suffice, but these are only SINGLE s/pdif ins & outs meaning I can only make stereo recordings & can not utilise the full power of my unit to make full quadrophonic recordings; which is what I want to do... get all Pink Floyd about my sound.

​Any help will be graciously enjoyed. Thank you for reading my note. Regards D.O.



2 years ago

I get the feeling that you may struggle to find exactly what you want unfortunately :( Most soundcards that have SPDIF are geared towards a digital bitstream to support things like Dolby Digital 5.1.

I suspect that the suggestion by mpichfamily may be the way forward.


2 years ago

You'll need to record each channel separately on the PC then use the correct software to help you properly mix the channels together again.