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QUICK: Sea Stone Pigments? How to break up stone into powder? Answered

Over the summer i have thought up of turning stones you find by the sea side into pigment. I have searched forever since then and I cannot find the cheapest way to break up these stones into pigment.

Any ideas of things I could try would be great.



Minerals are often best powdered with a ball-mill.
However, you might try roasting the stones hard in a fire, then quenching in cold water to see if that breaks them up a bit.


How hard are the rocks or stones? Can you break them with a hammer or even a sledge hammer? Rolling ball mills may not help even with steel ball media trying to grind it up. You may need an industrial rock crusher to do the job.

I can scrape the rock against a metal nail file and can get some pigment off. So they aren't too hard. I think I just need something really rough to do the job.

To break it up initially bag up a few rocks, either in a thick, tough plastic bag or fabric and beat it with a hammer... A plastic bag will keep all of the dust and likely be the simplest manner for collecting it quickly.

If the rock only splinters when hit with a hammer then grinding or filing may be the best way to go...

Maybe a steel file and a wire brush to get the bits off. Work the rest in a stone mortar and pestle. Look up to see if dust from your pigment is dangerous to breathe.

Try rubbing the rocks against each other. You might get 2x the amount and your not wasteing money on buying something else to do it with. Just a thought.