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Could I post the same instructable into this contest and the Light up your Ride contest?


I just checked the Official Rules for both Light Up Your Ride and Eneloop. They don't say anything about exclusivity.

I'd recommend posting this to the Feedback or/and Bugs fora, and sending Ed (fungus) a PM as well.

It did not let me do it. Maybe a new rule in force. You get the message a the top you can only enter one contest when you try to add it to a contest from the published ible. I picked one with better odds and prizes. :)

It is usually allowed that one project can be entered in more than one contest, as long as it meets both criteria (publish dates, themes etc)

When I tried to enter my 9V clip light into both contests, if I checked one bubble, the other would uncheck (only allowing me to enter it in one). Normally, however, you can enter it in multiple contests.