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Question on picoPSU wiring Answered

First time forum poster - Hi everyone.

I've just purchased a picoPSU 120 (attached pic) for a custom build and it just arrived today.

The DC power arrives through 2 cables (duh :), a black and white one. 

For - I'm guessing - extensibility reason, the DC cable is cut in 2 half with a 4 Pin Male/Female connector.

On that connector, there's the two cables coming in, and the two cables coming out on the other side - all good.

But then (as you can see in the second pic) they also do a weird cable loop of the two cables using the spare input/outputs on the connector.

Why is that? I don't quite get what it is meant to do.. ?



Thanks for input, that makes more sense.

There is no reason for it other then using up all 4 pins in the connector. Unless they wanted to ensure there is no current lost through any kind of resistance a bad connection on the connector could create.