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R/C Drift car from scratch? Answered

Hi Everyone! I happen to just have bought a very cheap and very disfunctional R/C Drift car. I am now thinking of either making one from scratch or modifying my present one. If you're an rc enthusiast, arduino programmer, electronics hobbyist, or just someone who happen to have some spare parts that you don't need that I may need, feel free to say something. My present Drift car is ,btw, a Flash and dash Race tin. It has two sets of wheels, one for drifting, and the other for racing. I am unsatisfied with this because it always swings its back like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR8wg24AyJI  Look in 0:32 to 0:34. Its bad enough that I don't know how to drift. Please feel free to comment ,suggest, or give a tip so I can mod my present one or make another one with variable speed and turn. My present one doesn't allow this.


hey their u sure its a 4x4 drift car.....
are u getting any power to the front wheels,,, or may be the front wheels are not spinning or no....cause it matters too,,...

 I don't know too much about RC cars, but I know a good drift car costs alot (hence why you want to modify/ make one).  From what I know, you need drift tires... Which are basiclly smoothed normal tires. This link might help www.rccartips.com/RC_Drifting.htm... If you buy the tires you could try and get different sized tires to change the performance... big diameter tires for speed and small diameter tires for acceleration. Hope this helped... 

i saw on youtube that you can put electrical tape on your tires to make drift tires? does this actually work?

I wouldn't use that platform to modify. I like my HPI E10 touring. In minutes you can convert it to drift spec and it's pretty good. If you buy the drift spec one you get the drifting tires and there's a couple of how-to's on youtube on how to drift with your new RC car. Also at under 300 dollars the HPI E10 is very well priced.