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RCA Rear Projection TV worked, took apart, put back together, doesnt work? Answered

I have a RCA HD52w56 rear projection tv that was working fine and the coaxial input was broken off. I took off the back and soldered a new coax input.  However I think I mixed up the wires. Now, the tv does the old turn on blink green and turn off, no picture. In fact, one time I just plugged it into surge protector, never pressed the power button, and didnt even have the coax connected and the same instant the power in another room in the house when out but the surge protector the tv was plugged into stayed on. weird  
Does anyone have a schematic diagram so I can check if I hooked something up wrong? Not Manual(preferably free, college kid w no money)
Did I blow something? Everything was working before the coax got pulled out Thanks for looking and any advice is greatly appreciated.


If you were insanely lucky, you may have just failed to reconnect something completely. If so, taking it apart again and looking for what you might have either left unconnected or not plugged back in properly or knocked loose unintentionally _MIGHT_ solve it.

If you connected something incorrectly -- if you really "mixed up the wires" -- there's probably damaged circuitry and the cost of repair has now gone up significantly from where it was before you started.

Blowing an unrelated circuit breaker is NEVER good news. That sounds like you have house wiring problems as well as TV wiring problems.

Hate to say this, but it sounds to me just like you've killed it, by doing something to the PSU connectors. Take photos on your phone next time, mark the leads up. and THEN take it to bits.h

Photos before disconnecting wires is a GREAT idea. Too bad he didn't do this first.

photos please?